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GABRIELA HEARST Gabriela Hearst Elvis Shirt Dress
Gabriela Hearst Elvis Shirt Dress
This bi-coloured textural jacquard dress with flattering rib detailing at its waist. It is knit from a beautiful cashmere silk yarn. It is slim fit with a flared skirt and collared neckline. 70% Cashmere, 30% Silk. Made out of Italian yarn.
GABRIELA HEARST Gabriela Hearst Linhart Dress
Gabriela Hearst Linhart Dress
This elegant slim silhouette of the Linhart Dress is crafted in silk twill is punctuated at the neckline with a set of leather straps, fastened with buckles at the neckline. A perfect synthesis of hard and soft elements are juxtaposed throughout this dres
GABRIELA HEARST Gabriela Hearst Leather/Agate Belt
Gabriela Hearst Leather/Agate Belt
Made of naturally-occurring agate stones from Brazil, each belt has a unique quality. This is considered part of the beauty and genuine feel of the piece. The Narrow Agate Belt was featured on the Spring runway.